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At the moment, on our landing page, the following rules apply:


• Ads with links to third-party sites, work on the Internet, MLM, pyramids.
• Ads with the same content are placed no more than once a month.

Otherwise use the additional services of our site, such as:
Ads Promotion.

Violation of the rules, as well as the receipt of numerous complaints from users on ads can lead to the blocking of ads and accounts of their owners.

Please note that all ads must comply with the rules, regardless of whether additional services are applied to them (Featured, Top Featured, Uplifting – Highlighting) or not. Paid Ads can also be blocked when violations are detected.

• Do not submit the same advertisement (about the offer of the same product or service) repeatedly, including in different      categories – use the service of Ads Promotion – raising to the top or Top Featured.
• You can only have one account – do not register again with another e-mail.
• Do not offer prohibited goods and services.
• Place Ads only on existing offers.
• Submit Ads only for specific products or services – the submission of general advertising advertisements or without a specific offer is not allowed.
• It is forbidden to place Ads containing advertising information, as well as advertisements about advertising
• Choose the most suitable category and land (city or locality where the Goods are located, where you offer a service or work) for the Ad, specify the credible Ad parameters. All information in the Ad should correspond to reality.
• It is not allowed to have erotic, pornographic, obscene, extremist content in the Ad (title, text, photos) or user name.
• Unauthorized / unreasonable use of logos and trademarks of well-known brands in the Ad or in the user’s name is prohibited. Do not add logos and company names.

• The name specified in the Ad must correspond to reality.
• The “Name” field should not contain any contact information, including site addresses, telephones, ICQ, etc.
• Do not enter a phone number, email address or other third party contact information.

• The name of the Ad should be only the name of the product (work or service) and / or its model and important parameters, all the rest should be specified in the description. The name must match the description.
• Unreasonable use of capital letters and special characters is forbidden.
• It is forbidden to use unwarranted words that attract attention, such as “Urgent” and “Warning” in the title.

• Unreasonable use of capital letters and special characters in the declaration description is not allowed.
• Describe exactly the product, work or service, which is referred to in the title of the Ad and which is depicted in the photographs.
• The description of the advertisement should represent only a specific product that is offered, but not to advertise the company’s activities or other goods and services provided by it. In the description of the ad it is permissible to specify the conditions and options for purchasing and delivering the goods offered in the ad. The content of the accompanying proposal should be clearly described.
• It is forbidden to specify keywords in the description to facilitate search for the seller’s Ads, transfer of several goods, placement of price lists (names and prices of other similar goods).

• The photo must match the title and description of the Ad.
• Do not use watermarks or watermarks on photos.
• The company logos and company names are not allowed.
• Do not add photos that attract attention to the ad with:
– motivating words such as “Urgent”, “Attention”, “Promotion”, “Sale”, etc.;
– images processed in special editors (for example, placed in a colored frame, with a background fill, placing text on top of the product image, etc.).
• It is forbidden to have any contact information on the photo (phones, addresses, links and site names, ICQ, etc.).